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Because there's more to Life than Tech!
Tech Life gives you news on food, scene, cool places and TechExtreme!
Eats at Stockyards Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ
Get the word on where to eat from our TechChowNow chowistas – the redoubtable Dina Doolen in So. AZ, and the saucily inimitable Elin Jeffords from the Valley of the Sun! Profile of eateries, eaters, and those who make the chow, too!
Music reviews and stories from behind the scenes! We want to know what tunes your onto! Getting outta town? Tech Life has new travel ideas and details on cool(er) places!
And stories and tips on sports that endure and test endurance – cycling, triathalon, climbing and more! If you live the Tech Life and test more than chips or widgets, tell us here: ( You could be our next profile in TechExtreme!
All in TechLife!
Tune in!
Wall of suffused light and volume of cool
Dillon Open
Old Phoenix-area Homes Get Better Going Greener

Green Space & Gardens Make for Desert Community [Read More]

Kitchen patio
In Building, Old is Finer if it Grows Greener

Retrofits of Solid AZ Residences Save Energy, Cash & 'Home' [Read More]

Pendaphonics Powers Sight & Sound for Live Action SLAMs to the Edge

Future Arts Supports STREB: BRAVE at ASU for Hyper-Performance Works [Read More]

Mrs. Claus
North Pole in Greer Bigger than Life Christmas Fun & the Elves Cook Well!

Snow-cozy Molly Butler Lodge Celebrates 100th New Year with NPX Thru Jan. 2 [Read More]

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