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GT: U.S. 911 centers may automatically receive direct calls when alarms tripped
Staff Report
Tech News Arizona
When an alarm company is notified that an alarm has been tripped, employees usually immediately report the incident to a 911 center, which then notifies the proper emergency responder. But the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials may implement a plan to cut out the middle man, according to a story in Government Technology.
The new system is in pilot phase in Richmond, Va. Since it launched two years ago, the system has reduced calls by 5,000 – between only one alarm company and two 911 centers, Richmond Department of Information Technology project manager Bill Hobgood told GT.
The program uses XML-based communications between the alarm company and the 911 center. When an alarm is tripped, the report is immediately sent to the center and the usual physical call to report the incident is eliminated. If APSCO makes standardizes the system for the county, nearly 32 million calls between alarm companies and 911 centers would be eliminated.
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