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To our Readers, the audiences: [TNAZ] is a targeted publication focused for Arizona science, technology & engineering communities, and the general business community which supports these engines of the West's future. TNAZ aspires to full range in publication, providing in-depth coverage of those issues and events important to TNAZ audiences, and importantly, to be one of your trusted sources.
Solar Array in AZ
We presume that what's important includes coverage of the events and actions important to companies and people across Arizona -- whether located in the forested Mountains and Canyons of the north and east, along the runs of the creeks or desert rivers, at the international border south, or in the broad, highland and desert valleys most Arizonans make home. TNAZ covers the full range of topics in science, technology and engineering.
The independent spirit that echoes in Arizona's broad land and skies, TNAZ takes for its own. Our brand is dedicated to those hardy pioneers who settled the West. And the story of news and communication media throughout the West is also part of that spirit.
Thin Film Production
To settle the continent, courageous riders of Pony Express and Wells Fargo coach carried news to settlements and outpost newspapers like the Tombstone Epitaph. Later, grit and sweat carried information over rail spur and Western Union telegraph, and soon the electronic revolution began with our region's pioneering radio and TV reporters.
In Arizona, we've seen dedication to accuracy and truth telling with the Arizona Project that came to find the hidden story of reporter Don Bolles' 1975 mob assassination. And daily, it seems, we see the need for key principles of newsgathering judgment – maintaining critical distance, keeping a stance of fairness, knowing the bases of changing information, and holding a strong sense of justice. These all bring us to a point today where the principles to guide valued news reporting are the ones we at TNAZ embrace.
We are the latest in the progress of the West's news gatherers, and we are by no means the last. Know that we hereby affirm that what we bring to you will honor the past and be true to the present while we do our best to report the future, as it happens, with those who make it happen.
And if we don't keep to your view of what is in keeping with our presumption and promise, tells us.
The Tech News Frontiers, LLC Team
Mike Munday (, Editor, Exec. Producer, & Managing Director
David Story (, Director of Web Development
Christia Gibbons (, Associate Editor
Alan D. Fischer (, Senior Writer
Keith Rosenblum (, Regional Correspondent
David M. Brown (, Regional Correspondent
Eric Swedlund (, Regional Correspondent
Noe Kaur (, Design & Content Producer
Jonnie Showtells (, Design & Logo Origination
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